Our team comes from across the region and from a variety of backgrounds. We use our passion and professional expertise to deliver F3A courses and help save lives.




I was a veterinary surgeon in rural practice in North Cumbria for 30 years. During this time, and growing up on a farm, I have seen and know plenty of people who have endured farm accidents.

On average two of our farm clients would be  air lifted to hospital each year. Sadly not all situations had a successful outcome.

Whilst undertaking an  medical training course myself  it became apparent there was well proven technology , equipment and techniques available. I quickly saw an application for the types of series injuries which occur  on farms.

After discussion with Trauma specialists we decided to develop this course .

The course is specifically aimed at the types of serious injuries which occur on farm.

The training and equipment will allow farmers to recognise and treat critical injuries. Stabilising the patient until emergency services arrive.

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Chief Instructor

I qualified as a paramedic in 2002 providing pre hospital care in the ambulance service. With career progression I am currently based in primary care delivering urgent patient care within general practice.

The opportunity to extend my scope of practice came in 2010 when I was fortunate enough to qualify as an instructor to deliver first aid training to a wide variety of organisations. To which my own company was developed to deliver more subject specific training such as resuscitation to health care professionals.  

My life as a paramedic is also one of a mum to two children and a wife of a senior air crew paramedic. From connections within the emergecy services the collaboration with Mark and Colin who's vision of Farm and Forestry First Aid's ethos of promoting life saving skills I feel is essential within this industry specific environment and I am proud to be a part of.

We are proud that all of our instructors are medically-qualified professionals such as paramedics and emergency medicine doctors. This - in combination with our rigorous quality assurance processes - help use ensure that we deliver the best courses available.